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ASIA Publishers was started in 2006, by publisher Kim Jae-Boom, publishing its first collection/magazine ASIA[1] (Now titled Storytelling ASIA),which is a quarterly magazine of Asian literature. The magazine collects and publishes short stories, poetry, recent issues in Asia, essays, and book reviews. In 2012 ASIA Publishers began publishing series of Korean fiction in both English and Korea in a 5 collection (intended) to be 7 collections eventually series intended to cover all of "early modern" (up until about the year 2000) Korean fiction. These volumes, titled the “Bi-lingual Edition Modern Korean Literature” were sub-grouped by theme, with collection #1, for instance, focusing on Partition and Division, Industrialization, and Women in Korean Society. The authors were a broad range and generally well known (some in translation) including, Kyoung-sook Shin (Please Look After Mom), Park Wan-so (Who Ate up all the Shinga), Kim Won-il, (Soul of Darkness), and Hwang Sok-yong (The Road to Sampo)

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