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Publishers E-Platform

About Publishers E-Platform

Publishers E-Platform is a national repository & archive of information on Publishers, Authors & Books. It was built to preserve and promote the rich heritage of Bengali literature. The Platform features 165 active publishers in Bangladesh, 2,000+ Bengali Authors & Poets and over 25,000 books.

The Publishers E-Platform also provides information on other prominent workers in the publishing industry, such as cover designers, illustrators, graphic designers and printing companies!

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publishers.com.bd is one of the many Websites powered by Publishers E-Platform. Every publisher in Bangladesh has a complete portfolio on publishers.com.bd. The portfolio features Showroom locations, catalog of books, list of authors, ongoing events, photos etc.

publishers.com.bd is the central Website of Publishers E-Platform. It links the two other Websites: authors.com.bd & books.com.bd.



authors.com.bd includes online profile of over 2,000+ Bengali Authors & Poets. These include the past legends of Bengali literature as well as the current and up-coming talents.

Author profiles on authors.com.bd features their biography, list of books authored or edited by the author, list of publishers who published their work, and events they are participating in. It will also include articles published on various publications.



As the complete online catalog of Bengali Books, books.com.bd provides a Virtual Book Stall to every publisher in Bangladesh. The Virtual Book Stall will present a complete list of current and past books published by a publisher, it will also include an 'upcoming books' section, promoting books even before they are published!

Readers will be able to review books and share them on Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.


Leading Publishers in Bangladesh