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ABOUT PUBLISHERS.COM.BD is a Website powered by Publishers E-Platform. Every publisher in Bangladesh has a portfolio on The portfolio features Showroom locations, catalog of books, list of authors, ongoing events, photos etc.

Publishers E-Platform is a national archive and repository of information on Publishers, Books & Authors. It was created to preserve and promote our rich heritage of Bengali literature. The Platform powers many other Websites, including &

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Leading Publishers in Bangladesh

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A National Archive of Information



Featuring complete portfolio & virtual showroom of @ERP.Data.Service.BusinessService.ByType("Publisher").Count() active Publishers in Bangladesh.



Portfolio of an ever growing list of legends. About @authors.Count().ToString("#,###") Bengali authors & Poets of the past, present & future.



A complete online catalog of Bangla books. From the everlasting classics to modern literature of the future generation.

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